Treasury Insights

Looking Beyond Objectives: The Importance of Establishing Business Value

Junio 12, 2019
Bob Stark

For treasury to be seen as a strategic partner to the C-suite, they must look beyond the objectives set forth by the CFO. See examples of some questions you should be asking to unlock the value behind your objectives and learn how the right solution provider can help you further realize and measure that value.

A Tale of Two Companies: Amway & Trek’s Road to Building Industry-recognized Payments Programs

Mayo 30, 2019
Angie Schuster
An example for others in the industry, learn how Amway and Trek Bicycles overhauled their treasury programs to centralize payments, mitigate fraud and enhance their overall programs.

5 Questions with Kyriba’s CTO: How the Cloud is Transforming Finance

Mayo 27, 2019
Angie Schuster
A Q&A with Kyriba Chief Technology Officer, Ivan Batanov, on how SaaS is changing corporate finance.

Geopolitical Uncertainty, Lack of Insight Drive Big Currency Losses

Mayo 17, 2019
Angie Schuster
Behind the scenes of what is driving the worst currency impacts to North American companies in three years.

End-to-End Currency Risk Management is Changing the Way Companies Think About FX Volatility

Abril 25, 2019
Wolfgang Koester
Currency volatility can lead to unexpected impacts to corporate earnings, but it doesn't have to.

Video: How Kyriba + FiREapps Can Help CFOs Better Manage FX Risk

Abril 18, 2019
Erik Bratt

How does Kyriba’s acquisition of FiREapps help CFOs and treasurers battle mounting foreign exchange losses?