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Kyriba Now Enables Clients to Conduct Their Own Pen-Tests

Agosto 21, 2018
L. Erik Bratt
When Nick Biasevich, Director of Technical Sales Enablement at Kyriba, is in a sales call with large, Fortune 1000 organizations, there is always one thing that gets the IT and security folks in the room very excited: the ability to do their own penetration testing on Kyriba’s leading

Hackett: CFOs Should Consider Treasury Tech to Support Growth Objectives

Agosto 16, 2018
L. Erik Bratt
To thrive in an increasingly volatile global business environment, one that includes business models and new competitors, CFOs should consider a technology solution they may have overlooked in the past: a treasury management solution. 

How JVCKENWOOD's CFO Benefits from a Treasury Management Solution

Agosto 14, 2018
L. Erik Bratt

Editor’s Note: For this installment of our multi-part blog series, profiling CFOs who are leveraging treasury to drive strategic change for their organizations, we focus on Masatoshi Miyamoto, CFO of JVCKENWOOD Corporation, a multinational electronics company headquartered in Japan

CFO Perspective: Out with the Grand Strategist. In with Informed Operatives

Agosto 7, 2018
Michael Dinkins

Some finance professionals and organizations are eager, early adopters of new technologies and solutions. Others are not for various reasons, with cost and internal adjustments being the two biggest deterrents.

Working capital interview Edi Poloniato

How to Increase Financial Performance with Working Capital Programs

Agosto 2, 2018
Daniel Shaffer

Editor’s Note: Kyriba recently announced a record half-year in bookings growth and has seen an increase in demand for its working capital solutions.

3 Unexpected Dangers of Using Spreadsheets to Run Treasury

Infographic: 3 Unexpected Dangers of Using Spreadsheets to Run Treasury

Julio 31, 2018
Erik Bratt

The problems associated with spreadsheets are well documented, yet many treasury professionals continue to overlook these shortcomings when it comes to running their overall treasury operations.